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Chemical Rejuvenation
Chemical rejuvenation or "peel" is the application of a variety of chemical solutions to remove outer layers of dead skin cells from the skins service.  By removing the build-up of dead skin cells and stimulating the regenerative process, you will notice marked improvements in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, texture and tone of the skin, hydration, reduced pore size, healing of blemishes, balanced oil production and overall healthier skin appearance.

Pre-Peel Treatment & Consultation $64

Required if you have never had a facial with STLskin+body or if it has been 4+ months since your last facial. 


This consultation; including a hands on treatment; will allow the esthetician to determine the best course of treatment for your skin.

(An acid patch test may be performed at this time.  15% discount on home care)

Chemical Peel Levels


Progressive $85/$155*

*flaking/peeling similar to a sunburn*little to no irritation/down time

*3-4 weeks apart

Mid-Depth +$30

*moderate peeling*fair irritation/down time*6-8 weeks apart*post treatment required

Deep +$50

*considerable peeling within 3-4 days and may last 7-10 days*irritation and down time to be expected*12+ weeks apart*post treatment required

add full neck & decollete $50

*Post Peel Care Kit $70

Required at first peel or 12+ months since last peel.  This kit will last through multiple treatments. (value $85+)

Post Peel Treatment $64

Treatment performed 7-10 days post peel application.  The esthetician can examine the results of the peel and aid in exfoliation; perform purging extractions; soothe and hydrate

  • NO tanning or exposed sunning 1 week pre/post treatment

  • Waxing of the area should be done 1 week pre-treatment (NO waxing 7+ days post) 

  • The use of any acne or retinol products must be stopped 1 week prior to treatment. 

  • Vigorous work out routines must be avoided or limited post peel

  • Consultation and home care regimen required.  

  • No Injections/fillers minimum 10 days pre/post peel 



*post 1 mid-depth peel

*uses full at home daily regimen

Rezenerate Nano-Infusion

The Rezenerate device oscilates "Nano-Pyramids" over the skin for cellular stimulation.  This movement allows for maximum ingrediant penetration to: stimulate collagen; reduce lines & wrinkles; improve texture and tone the skin. 


Nano-Infusion Facial $95

*purifying cleanse; enzyme mask*serum infusion*customized soothing mask*hydration & protection

add to a facial $50

Series of 5 $425


*combination of treatments: appx 3-6; combo of facials/peels/infusion etc


*pre-scheduled appointments: every 2-3 weeks 


*home care included:

1 complete starter regimen                                 1 post peel kit (if needed)   


*personal photo documentation

*beneficial for all skin issues: acne; pigmentation; rosacea/sensitivity/redness; wrinkle reduction/collagen boosting

Schedule a Consultion or any Facial to discuss.


LED therapy using the application of specific wavelenghts of light to tissue to improve celllular performance.


Red Light - increases collagen production: wrinkle reduction

Blue Light - kills bacteria; reduces inflammation

Infrared Light - reduces tissue inflamation; wound healing & pain management

LED Power Treatment $55

*deep cleanse*exfoliation*skin building serum cocktail*LED*heat therapy*hydration & SPF

add to massage or facial $30


Coming Soon!!!

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